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pu circular conveyor belt
pu circular conveyor belt
pu circular conveyor belt
Circular PU conveyor belt Order hotline: 400-0525-616

Circular belt is generally made of PU material, suitable for circular belt drive. The circular belt drive relies on the friction between the belt and the wheel groove, has good elasticity, can reduce the impact of vibration during the operation, keep the movement smooth, low noise, and sliding load is too large to protect the machine. Circular belt drive is used for low speed and low power transmission, such as sewing machine, tape drive and other low power or manual transmission.

There are smooth round tape and rough round tape, and we can also produce seamless round tape and anti-static round tape according to customer demand

Table of parameters:

Diameter of circular band
2.0mm ~ 30.0mm


For other sizes, please contact customer service

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