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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

4.0 single-sided silicone conveyor belt

1. Use high-quality raw materials, guaranteed quality, passed IOS9001 quality certification 2. Length and width are customized according to customer needs 3. On-site service can be provided 4. Contact customer service, you can get free samples ordering hotline: 400-0525-616


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  • 产品描述
  • Silicone conveyor belts are made of silicone and are oil-resistant, cut-resistant, temperature-resistant, and anti-stick. Silicone conveyor belts are environmentally friendly and harmless. They have passed food-grade certification and are widely used in the food industry or grain sector to transport bulk and canned goods. , packaging into boxes of grain, biscuits, candies, fruit and vegetable processing, poultry and meat processing and other related industries.


    Parameter table:


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    Thickness (mm) Color Composition Pattern Coating type Coating hardness (shoreA) 1% extension (N/mm) Minimum wheel diameter (mm) Conveying method Features
    4.0 white Silicone Light Food grade 12 100 Plate/Roller Temperature resistant


    Width and length can be customized as required, customer service consultant: Ms. Zhu, contact number: 400-0525-616

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