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  • Single-sided Felt Tape

  • 1. The conveyor belt is made of high-quality raw materials, and the quality is guaranteed. 2. The length and width of the pvc conveyor belt are customized according to customer needs. 3. On-site service can be provided. 4. Contact customer service, and samples of pvc conveyor belts can be obtained free of charge
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The single-sided felt conveyor belt adopts PVC as the base belt, and the surface is covered with soft felt. The felt conveyor belt is antistatic and suitable for the transportation of electronic products; the soft felt can prevent the material from being scratched during transportation, and it is also resistant to high temperature and abrasion. , Cut resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, puncture resistance, suitable for conveying high-end toys, copper plates, steel plates, aluminum alloy materials or materials with sharp corners.


Parameters Table:


Thickness(mm) Colour Constitute Pattern Coating Type Coating hardness (shoreA) 1% extension (N/mm) Minimum wheel diameter (mm) Delivery method Characteristic
1.5 Gray Non-woven 10 20 Plate/roller Cut resistance


Width and length can be customized

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