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White silicone conveyor belt
White silicone conveyor belt
White silicone conveyor belt
Silicone tape has the characteristics of heat resistance and anti stick, widely used in the production of candy processing, food processing and other anti stick and heat resistant environment, for more information, please consult sales engineer: 400-0525-616 Order hotline: 400-0525-616

Silicone conveyor belt is made of silicone, with the characteristics of oil resistance, temperature resistance and anti-stick, silicone conveyor belt is environmentally friendly and harmless, after food grade certification, widely used in the food industry or food department to transport bulk, tin, packed boxes of food, biscuits, candy, fruit and vegetable processing, poultry and meat processing and other related industries.

Table of parameters:

The thickness of the(mm) color Constitute a Decorative pattern Type of coating Coating hardness (shoreA) 1% extension (N/mm) Minimum wheel diameter(mm) Mode of transportation Features
2.0 white The silicone The light is The light is 65 8 50 Flat plate/roller Temperature/stick resistant

Width and length according to the demand, customer service consultant: Miss Zhu, contact number: 400-0525-616

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