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Let’s talk about how to install PVC conveyor belt correctly

Release time:2023-02-15

Let’s talk about how to install PVC conveyor belt correctly

Whether it is to replace the industrial belt or to reinstall the industrial belt on a new transmission system, we generally recommend that the manufacturer follow the following process The installation will be more secure:

1. Unplug the power first, remove the protective cover, and loosen the mounting nut of the motor. Special reminder never to pry off the industrial belt.

2. Take out the old transmission belt and check whether there is any abnormal damage. Then choose the transmission belt that suits you and replace it.

3. Clean the belts and pulleys by wiping them with a brush dipped in some non-volatile liquid. Do not soak them in cleaning fluid or use cleaning fluid to clean the belt. Myv drive belts need to be kept clean before installation and application.

4. Check whether the industrial belt is abnormally damaged and whether it is linearly symmetrical.

5. Check other transmission system components.

6. Install a new transmission belt on the belt pulley without prying or using excessive force.

7. Tighten the pitch of the transmission system until the tension detection instrument detects the appropriate tension of the transmission belt. Turn the shaft twice by hand and retest the support force.

8. Tighten the mounting nut of the motor and correct the torque. Be sure all driveline components are tightened.

What are the main uses of lightweight PVC conveyor belts?

PVC conveyor belts are one of many different types of conveyor belts. PVC conveyor belts use the polymerization of aziridines such as PVC. Reactive chemical substance, it is an amorphous slow-moving product, has very good reliability, and is more advantageous to use. Because of this, PVC conveyor belts are used in many fields.

The PVC in PVC conveyor belts has strong resistance to oxides, oxidants and strong alkali. However, it can be corroded by concentrated oxidizing acids such as sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, and it cannot be used in places where it comes into contact with aliphatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

The PVC conveyor belt body has good toughness, is not easily deformed, and has no pollution. , covered with odor that does not affect food hygiene and safety. PVC conveyor belt product formula design is reasonable, meets food hygiene standards, has appropriate colors, is lightweight and durable.

Let’s talk about the types of PVC conveyor belts

Material field conveyor belts, food processing industry conveyor belts, entertainment industry conveyor belts, aquatic industry conveyor belts, stone industry conveyor belts, etc.

2. According to the functional classification, it can be divided into: slight uphill conveyor belt, relatively high uphill conveyor belt, adding partition to improve the conveyor belt, vertical elevator belt, ground anti-skid conveyor belt, sand conveyor belt Belt conveyor belts, wear-resistant conveyor belts, conveyor belts for heavy objects, conveyor belts for light objects, directional anti-deviation conveyor belts, air inlet conveyor belts with holes (suction fan transmission belts), conveyor belts with rake nails, spiral type Raising conveyor belts, turning raised conveyor belts, ultra-high object conveyor belts, sponge conveyor belts, grooving conveyor belts, block conveyor belts, hemming conveyor belts, trough conveyor belts, wound conveyor belts, etc.

3. According to the thickness and color of the product, it can be divided into different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, blue-green, transparent) and thickness products. The wall thickness can be manufactured from 0.8MM to 11.5MM.



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Let’s talk about how to install PVC conveyor belts correctly. PVC conveyor belts are one of many different types of conveyor belts. PVC conveyor belts use aziridine polymerization substances such as PVC. It is an amorphous slow-moving product with Very good reliability makes it more advantageous to use. Because of this, PVC conveyor belts are used in many fields.

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How to extend the service life of PVC conveyor belts? The operation quality of PVC conveyor belts will also directly affect the overall construction progress. Reasonable application will increase the output power of the project, reduce the use of the company's human resources, and will provide effective services to the enterprise within the effective period. Develop, create and invent to make more profits.

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What causes the PVC conveyor belt to deviate in the upper direction but not in the lower direction? Generally speaking, the deviation in the lower direction can be corrected by improving the working conditions of the cleaning equipment, eliminating materials stuck on the rollers and buffer rollers, Adjust the lower flat buffer roller, the lower V-shaped buffer roller, or assemble the lower aligning roller to achieve the effect of the deviation correction device. Conveyor Belt provides full tracking and after-sales maintenance services for the products it sells, and will provide you with answers to problems that arise during the application process throughout your life.

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