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What are the application fields of food PU conveyor belts?

Release time:2023-01-16

What are the application fields of food PU conveyor belts?

With the rapid development of economic level, industrial belts are increasingly used in daily life.

1. Food PU conveyor belt conveyor lines are also widely used in home appliances, electronics, machinery, printing, food and other industries; logistics assembly, testing, packaging and transportation, etc. Line conveyance can also be selected according to process requirements: Common continuous operation, rhythmic operation, variable speed operation and other control methods; the line body can also be selected: straight line, slope, curve and other forms; usually called "belt line, assembly line, conveyor line" and so on.

2. Food PU conveyor belts can transport a wide variety of materials. They can transport various small items such as cartons and packaging bags, as well as various bulk materials. It has a wide range of applications. use.

3. Food PU conveyor belts have a variety of structures. Accessories such as baffles, guide rods, and skirts can be added to the PU food conveyor belts to meet the requirements of various processes.

What are the materials of food PU conveyor belts?

< p> As an important load-bearing tool in food production and processing, food PU conveyor belts are of great significance to food production. Different processes, different environments, and different design requirements in food production have different requirements for food conveyor belts. Today we mainly introduce some PU food conveyor belt materials.


The relative consumption of food PU conveyor belts is made of PU. Polyurethane is characterized by excellent wear resistance, good ozone resistance, high hardness, high strength, good elasticity, and low temperature resistance. , good oil resistance, chemical resistance and environmental resistance. Such material properties make the PU conveyor belt resistant to oil, corrosion, cold and cutting. It is a conveyor belt product with high strength, good flexibility, light weight and wear resistance.

Compared with food PU conveyor belts, PE conveyor belts, which are widely used in the tobacco industry, are made of polyethylene polymer materials and are tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic. PE conveyor belts have high tensile strength, It has the characteristics of good flexibility, light weight, oil resistance, non-toxic, hygienic and easy to clean. The PE conveyor belt complies with the US FDA food hygiene standards and has good wear resistance and physical aging resistance. It is a durable conveyor belt product. .

If the edge of the food PU conveyor belt is worn, how should it be repaired?

Whether the edge of the food PU conveyor belt can be repaired after it is worn is a problem that many users worry about. The main reason is that the belt has just been run. It is a pity that it may be damaged. Another reason is that the conveyor belt can continue to be used. The edge wear of the conveyor belt actually depends on different situations. Most of them can be repaired or parts can be replaced. It mainly depends on the actual working conditions.

1. Severe unilateral damage

In this case, we recommend that the customer replace the conveyor belt again. If the belt body width can maintain the conveyor belt, it can be used next time when a narrow conveyor belt is needed. Modify to reduce losses.

2. Partial damage

Sometimes the deviation of the PU food conveyor belt is discovered in time, which will not cause large-scale damage to the conveyor belt. The damaged part can be replaced to reduce losses and be reused.

3. Deviation caused by cracks

This relatively minor damage can be repaired directly. When this situation is discovered, the machine should be stopped in time and the conveyor belt manufacturer should be notified in time to repair on site. , to extend the service life of the conveyor belt.



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