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What issues should be paid attention to during the working process of PU conveyor belt?

Release time:2022-12-19

In today's society, there are also many food industries. A variety of food is sold on the streets, in supermarkets and in snack bars. But what kind of production machine components are needed to produce these foods? They will use food conveyor belts in the delivery process. The PU conveyor belt is odorless and meets food safety standards. PU conveyor belts are usually used in the process of transporting food. In order to maintain the life of the PU conveyor belt, what issues should be paid attention to during the work process?

1. The feeding direction should be consistent with the running direction of the tape consistent. In order to reduce the impact on the tape during the unloading process, a chute is used to reduce the unloading interval; the distance between the idlers in the belt receiving section should be shortened, and a buffer idler should be used to prevent leakage. The belt should be equipped with soft and moderate baffles to avoid excessive baffles and scratching the belt surface of the conveyor belt.

2. White food-grade conveyor belts of different models and specifications must not be used together, and their joints should be bonded.

3. The running speed of the conveyor belt shall not exceed 2.5m/s. The degree of agglomeration and wear of the material should be as low as possible.

What are the characteristics of pu conveyor belt?

1. It has strong tear resistance, good elasticity, certain impact resistance, and can be used normally under complex conditions.

2. It has good waterproof performance and can be used normally even in cold and wet conditions without any impact on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can still be used normally and has no impact on the service life.

3. Compared with other conveyor belts, it has better acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. Although the price is relatively high, polyester conveyor belts will be more economical in the long run.

4. Compared with conveyor belts commonly used in the food industry, polyester conveyor belts are thinner, lighter in weight, and have a certain degree of plasticity during use. They can not only improve the conveying capacity, but also reduce energy consumption, optimize the conveying radius, meet transportation requirements, and meet the requirements of low energy consumption and high efficiency.

The reasons for the wear of the PU conveyor belt (the reasons for the rapid wear of the conveyor belt):

1. Due to the excessive load on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt roller and bracket are unevenly stressed, which aggravates the transportation problem. Belt surface wear;

2. The conveyor belt roller has poor friction, causing the roller surface to wear, thereby wearing out the conveyor belt;

3. The conveyor belt roller has insufficient friction, causing the material to The surface of the conveyor belt is worn;

4. The rollers of the conveyor belt rotate unstable, causing the surface of the conveyor belt to wear;

5. The roller bearings of the conveyor belt are damaged, causing the conveyor belt to swing and wear the conveyor belt;


6. The surface of the conveyor belt is contaminated, causing surface wear of the conveyor belt;

7. The temperature of the conveyor belt is too high, causing surface wear of the conveyor belt;

8. Conveyor belt The rollers of the belt are poorly lubricated, causing the surface of the conveyor belt to wear;

9. The edges of the conveyor belt are folded to wear the surface of the conveyor belt;

10. Debris gets stuck on the surface of the conveyor belt, causing the conveyor belt to wear out. Surface wear.



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