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How to choose a suitable PU conveyor belt?

Release time:2022-12-16

PU conveyor belts are also called polyurethane conveyor belts. PU conveyor belts and PVC conveyor belts are both industrial conveyor belts, but their difference lies in their different components. Judging from the consultation and purchase data, PU conveyor belts and PVC conveyor belts have always been the products that customers inquire about and purchase the most. In terms of selection, new and old customers often encounter such problems. Which is better, PVC conveyor belt or PU conveyor belt? In fact, there is no question of good or bad, but whether it is suitable for your own industry and equipment. So how do you choose the right conveyor belt for your industry and equipment? If transporting food, such as candy, pasta, meat, seafood, baked goods, etc., choose PPU conveyor belt.

The reasons are as follows:

1: PU conveyor belt Made of polyurethane (polyurethane), it is clear, clean, odorless and safe for direct food contact.

2: PU conveyor belt is oil-resistant, water-resistant and cut-resistant. The belt is thin and has good toughness and tensile strength.

3: Comply with FDA food grade certification

Polyurethane (PU) is a natural soluble material, known as a green raw material. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contains substances harmful to the human body. Therefore, if the food industry is involved, PU conveyor belts are a good choice from a food safety perspective.

4: Considering durability, PU conveyor belt can be cut. When it reaches a certain thickness, it can be used for cutting and can be cut repeatedly.

PVC conveyor belts are mainly used for food packaging and transportation and non-food transportation. Its price is lower than that of PU conveyor belt, and its service life is generally shorter than that of polyurethane conveyor belt.

Insufficient tension of PU conveyor belts has always been a big problem that bothers everyone. So let’s talk about what the working tension of PU conveyor belt depends on?

PU conveyor belt is a widely used conveyor belt in food factories and is mainly installed on belt conveyors. Since we should know what the working tension of PU conveyor belt depends on, we should first know what the conveyor system is.

Now, we have a basic understanding of the entire conveying structure based on the pictures. Calculates conveyor belt tension based on resistance and drive force. To calculate all the resistance of a conveyor belt, it should be known that the resistance of a conveyor belt mainly depends on the following factors: quantity of material, mass of the conveyor belt, mass of the rotating parts of the idler, length of the conveyor belt, etc. As for the driving force, when selecting the driving device, it should be selected according to the material to be transported. I won't explain them all here. Then the tension of the PU conveyor belt over the entire length can be calculated, and the maximum tension when the PU conveyor belt is running stably is equal to the tension of the PU conveyor belt.

Based on the above knowledge, you already know how to calculate the tension of PU conveyor belt. Then when purchasing PU conveyor belt, you can choose the PU conveyor belt with appropriate tension according to the above content.



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