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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产
Group to carry out team development training activities
In order to strengthen the enterprise team building, improve the enterprise cohesion. Recently, the company organized management departments and technical personnel to participate in a two-day closed team outreach training activity.
Basic information and characteristics of oil - absorbing felt
Oil - absorbing felt is one of the important equipment to deal with oil spill. In the emergency treatment of oil spill on water surface, the general method is to recover most of the oil spill with mechanical devices, and then absorb a small amount of residual oil on the water surface with oil absorbing felt. Oil absorbing felt is often used to remove oil spills in areas where mechanical devices cannot reach and in waters where oil dispersants cannot be used because of sensitivity to secondary pollution. Oil absorbing felt, made of oily microfiber nonwoven cloth, can quickly absorb oil tens of times its own weight. And it doesn't absorb water. With a small proportion, light weight, floating on the water, oil after deformation, not loose, not affected by temperature, acid and alkali resistance, no rot
Environmental protection conveyor belt is the inevitable development trend of modern economy
Environmental protection conveyor belt is the inevitable development trend of modern economy. The general trend of conveyor belt development in today's world is to develop to multiple varieties, high performance, lightweight, multi-functional, energy saving, safety, environmental protection and long life. It is not difficult to see that the road to the conveyor belt industry is undoubtedly to take a variety of, and to develop in the direction of high performance, lightweight, multi-function, safety and environmental protection. Environmental protection has always been a policy actively advocated by the state, and environmental protection is more important for conveyor belt enterprises. The state restricts enterprises that pollute the environment in some aspects. So whether it's in response to the national call, or for the environment
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