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Paper Industry

Paper Industry

Paper Industry

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(Printing and packaging, sanitary products industry (paper processing, printing machine belts, box-gluing belts, etc.)


High-speed flat belt, printing machine paper conveyor belt, light machine drying conveyor belt, perforated flat transmission belt, box gluer flat belt, printing machine triangle belt, packaging machine timing belt, packaging machine polyurethane timing belt, suction flat belt,

Provide pulp processing, paper forming, drying, slitting production lines, corrugated cardboard box pasting, envelope printing, newspaper printing and conveying systems,

Belts in various fields such as form printing machines, UV coating machines, folding machines, laminating machines, color offset printing machines, etc., and also include mechanical belts, module belts, paper conveyor belts,

Folder-gluer belt, paper device belt, etc.

In the paper industry, conveyor belts are generally used, called suction belts, which need to be punched so that they can suck air, so that the paper is flat without wrinkles, and it can also play a role in positioning.

Conveyor belts and cartons in the printing industry

The nylon sheet base belt uses a high-strength nylon sheet base with high strength, low elongation and good flex resistance as the skeleton material. Therefore, it has good flexibility, good orientation, good dimensional stability and high tensile strength. The transmission efficiency is greater than 98%, and the transmission speed is greater than 60 m/s. Larger initial tension can be used. The friction layer is made of highly wear-resistant special synthetic rubber, fiber or leather. It has good heat resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life and constant friction coefficient. It is the most ideal high-speed transmission flat belt. 

Product features: Nylon sheet base tape has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low elongation, good oil and abrasion resistance, soft body, energy saving, etc. 

Product use: Suitable for occasions with compact transmission mechanism, high linear speed and large speed ratio. It is widely used in printing and packaging, textile printing and dyeing, postal and tobacco machinery, sanitary products and other industries.  




Diaper equipment

高速平皮带,印刷机输纸带,亮光机烘干输送带,打孔平面传动带,糊盒机平带,印刷机三角带,包装机同步带,包装机聚氨酯同步带,吸风平皮带, 提供涉及纸浆加工、纸张成形、烘干、 分切生产线,瓦棱纸板箱的贴盒、信封印刷,报纸印刷和输送系统, 表格印刷机,UV上光机,折页机,覆膜机,彩色胶印机等各个领域的皮带,还包括进机械带、 模组皮带、输纸带、 糊盒机皮带、纸装置皮带等。 在纸张行业,一般用到输送带叫吸风带,它要进行打孔,这样才能起到吸风的作用,让纸张平整不会有褶皱,而且还可以起到定位的作用。 印刷行业输送带 、纸箱 尼龙片基带采用强度高、伸长率小、耐屈挠性能良好的高强度尼龙片基作为骨架材料。故曲挠性好,导向性好,尺寸稳定性佳,抗拉强度高。传动效率大于98%,传递速度大于60米/秒。可采用较大的初张紧力。摩擦层采用高耐磨特种合成橡胶、纤维或皮革。耐热、耐油、耐疲劳、耐磨性能好,使用寿命长,磨擦系数恒定,是应用最理想的高速传动平带。  产品特点 :尼龙片基带具有质量轻、强力高、延伸率小、耐油耐磨性好、 带体柔软、节能等特点  产品用途 :适用于传动机构紧凑、使用线速高、速比大的场合。广泛应用于印刷包装、纺织印染、邮政及烟草机械、卫生用品等行业。  


Belt for diapers  



   Sanitary napkin production line


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