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Ceramics and Stone Industry

Ceramics and Stone Industry

Ceramics and Stone Industry

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The company has a set of conveyor belt products specially adapted to the special needs of the stone industry. The products have a variety of surface patterns to choose from, which are used in the production of artificial marble, artificial board, synthetic resin board, ceramic tile and other products. The company's special belt for the stone industry has the characteristics of strong impact resistance and wear resistance, high tensile strength and long service life, which can better meet the needs of stone in various processing procedures such as transportation, polishing, and grinding. Customers can choose the appropriate conveyor belt according to the different requirements of the mechanical polishing pressure, operating speed, processed media, etc., so that the conveyor belt and the equipment can be integrated with the machine, the operation is stable, and a good matching effect can be achieved.

The stone polishing belt has a unique patented tooth-like surface layer, and the two-way tooth design can effectively prevent the relative slippage of the stone plate. The teeth on both sides of the belt are double-toothed in parallel. This design can maximize the stability of large-area stone slabs and thin slabs. The tooth-like surface is specially designed for polishing marble slabs and granite slabs (production width 2200mm). In addition, our stone presses have a smooth surface and uniform thickness, which can be used as single-sided adhesives and double-sided adhesives, which are widely used in the artificial stone industry.


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公司拥有一套专门适合石材行业特别需求的输送带产品。产品中拥有多种表面花纹可供选择,应用于生产制造人造大理石、人造板、合成树脂板、瓷砖等产品。公司的石材行业专用带具有抗冲击性和耐磨性强,拉断强度高,使用寿命长的特点,能更好地满足石材在运输、抛光、打磨等各项加工工序中的使用需要。客户可以根据机械抛磨压力、运行速度、受加工介质等方面的不同要求选择合适的输送带,使输送带与设备做到机带合一,运行稳定,达到良好的配套效果。 石材抛光带独有专利齿状表层,双向齿的设计能有效防止石材板的相对滑移。皮带两边的齿间是双齿并行,这种设计能最大限度稳固大面积石材厚板及薄板。齿状表层专为大理石板、花岗岩石板的抛光设计(生产宽度2200mm)。此外我司石材压机带平滑的表面,均匀的厚度,可做单面胶货双面胶,广泛应用于人造石行业。        img

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