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Glass Machinery Industry

Glass Machinery Industry

Glass Machinery Industry

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Polyurethane timing belts and a large number of PU round belts can be used on the glass tempered production line; red rubber grinding block timing belts can be used on glass edging equipment, PU polyurethane timing belts, and red rubber timing belts; in hollow Red block timing belts, rubber slotted timing belts, etc. can be used on the glass sealing line. There are many types of timing belts that can be used in the glass industry. In the selection, different belt types should be selected according to the different use requirements of the glass machinery. When the transmission efficiency is high, the transmission ratio is accurate, and the force of the transmission shaft is small, the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt is generally used. When the transmission power is large and the wear of the belt and the belt teeth is reduced, more circular toothed belts are used.


Edge grinding machine, straight edge machine, beveling machine, four-side grinding; various types of synchronous belts used on the slicing table, the conversion table, and the suction felt conveyor belt


Mainly produce power endless seamless timing belts, timing belts for bilateral edging machines, Low-E glass dedicated timing belts, and glass straight four-side edging machine timing belts; can add red glue, PU, pattern, sponge and other temperature-resistant and wear-resistant products ! At the same time, we provide Kevlar aramid ropes, which are processed by special processes and manufactured into roller ropes of various specifications, which are specialized in serving the "tempering furnace" on the toughened glass machinery manufacturing equipment. Autoclave. Coating Baking Road". It has the advantages of cutting resistance, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, and no marks on the glass. According to the user's requirements of the working conditions, the shapes are arbitrarily selected: square rope, round rope, flat rope casing, etc.


The timing belt of the edging machine is made of high-strength, low-elongation steel wire rope and thermoplastic polyurethane raw materials through a special process. It can be used as an open or endless timing belt. The length of the endless timing belt can be 2.0 meters to 18.0. Meters, support special processing: add rubber on the surface to increase friction, soft tension and high temperature resistance, and extend the life of the belt; thicker PU, increase wear resistance; add dark green patterns to increase friction; add guide bars on the tooth surface, Prevent deviation … widely used in ceramic/glass machinery







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