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Leisure Sports Industry

Leisure Sports Industry

Leisure Sports Industry

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Treadmills, skiing, special applications, etc.



 跑步机已经越来越广泛的进入到普通家庭,成为多数想要运动想要健康却又没有过多时间做户外活动人群的最佳选择,跑步几乎是所有人生来就会的最简单却又最有效的运动方式,被大多数人所接受。那么跑步机除了电机、控制程序之外,跑带也是一个很重要的部件。   中文名跑带属于跑步机的一个部件跑带常见的是钻石纹和冰花纹。增加花纹的目的是让跑带的凹凸感来增加摩擦力,确保跑带接口平滑,保持最小的噪音,常见问题是打滑和偏移。    跑带表面有多种花纹,以钻石纹和冰花纹(也有叫草地纹)为常见,目的就是让凹凸感来增加摩擦力,让运动者在跑步过程中不容易摔跤,所以选择哪种花纹就看购买者的个人使用习惯。一般来说,钻石纹摩擦力大,可适合鞋类较全面,冰花纹摩擦力小,须穿抓力大、较柔软的慢跑鞋,但是钻石纹不容易清洁,冰花纹(也有叫草地纹)好整理。Can be designed according to customer needs · to create a variety of leisure sports series belts



Treadmills have become more and more widely used in ordinary families, becoming the best choice for most people who want to exercise and want to be healthy but don’t have too much time to do outdoor activities. Running is the simplest but most commonplace that almost all people are born with. The effective way of exercise is accepted by most people. In addition to the motor and control program of the treadmill, the running belt is also a very important component.


The Chinese name running belt is a component of the treadmill. The common ones are diamond patterns and ice patterns. The purpose of increasing the pattern is to increase the friction of the running belt to ensure the smoothness of the running belt interface and keep the minimum noise. Common problems are slippage and offset.


There are a variety of patterns on the surface of the running belt. Diamond patterns and ice patterns (also called grass patterns) are common. The purpose is to increase the friction by the bumpy feeling, so that the athletes are not easy to fall during running, so choose which pattern Look at the buyer’s personal usage habits. Generally speaking, the diamond pattern has high friction and can be suitable for more comprehensive footwear. The ice pattern has low friction. It is necessary to wear a high-grip, softer jogging shoe, but the diamond pattern is not easy to clean. The ice pattern (also called grass pattern) Easy to organize.






The ski conveyor belt is an indispensable equipment for ski resorts, and it is also a highly utilized transmission equipment, thus saving time and increasing the frequency of play of the players.



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