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Tire Industry

Tire Industry

Tire Industry

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From rubber raw material production, tire component manufacturing, tire molding and vulcanization quality control and storage, etc.



In the tire manufacturing process, every very professional process requires a variety of different belts. Chuangnai's product line includes fabric structure conveyor belts and processing belts, as well as plastic modular conveyor belts, which can provide solutions suitable for different applications.


The conveyor belt produced by the company can meet the requirements of tire processing section including rubber mixing section (mixing is the first step of many important steps in tire production. First, rubber and a large number of chemicals are internally mixed in an internal mixer. It can produce about 200 kilograms of rubber mixture), the film is cooled and delivered ((After a series of treatments on the rubber after banburying, the rubber compound becomes a continuous sheet. The process includes the impregnation of rubber strips and rubber sheets. Cooling, drying and stacking), extrusion, calendering and conveying (the compounded film is heated on an open mill and passes through a die to produce flat plates, tire walls, apex and other heavy parts. Calendering is to add the mixed rubber Different fabric layers include polyester, nylon, rayon, aramid, etc. or steel wire to produce rubber composite sheets), two-station crimping system, tire molding processing and vulcanization, quality inspection, warehouse storage system, etc. Our company provides Winding fiber cloth with flat belts with guiding strips, ultra-wide timing belts can solve the two-station crimping and conveying problems in the tire molding and vulcanization section.






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