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Textile/Printing and Dyeing Industry

Textile/Printing and Dyeing Industry

Textile/Printing and Dyeing Industry

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Textile industry



Textile processing belt, non-woven fabric, spinning



The fields involved in the textile industry are: non-woven fabrics, spinning, printing, dyeing and printing. Chuangnai has developed and produced its own products according to the different requirements of the textile industry, which are suitable for the textile industry, such as opening cotton-blending cotton-carding-drawing-roving-spinning-winding-double twisting-weaving Fabric-non-woven/printing and dyeing manufacturing process. Such as the powerful conveyor belt used in the cotton soaking machine, the light conveyor belt with smooth surface used in the net-laying machine, the cutting resistant belt used in the cloth cutting machine and so on. The product has the characteristics of strong antistatic force, low surface friction coefficient, light weight, and not easy to run off.



Textile dragon belt, spinning frame toothed belt, spinning machine transmission flat belt, light conveyor belt, high-speed flat belt, polyurethane timing belt, rubber timing belt, V-belt, multi-hook belt, combined belt.






Mask machine belt




Non-woven machinery




Non-woven machinery




Sewing Machine



Printing and dyeing industry


The printing machine is one of the key equipment in the printing and dyeing industry, and the printing belt is the core part of the cloth printing machine. Therefore, the quality of the printing belt directly determines the quality of the printed product. The correct selection, use and maintenance of the printing belt can ensure the quality of the printed product.



Features of printing belt


1. Good specification stability and quick debugging. The guide belt has a small extension during operation, basically no shrinkage, no bell mouth, and the positioner can run continuously and smoothly when it is not working.
2. The surface is flat, no dents, and good durability. The surface of the conduction belt is guaranteed by the mold to be flat, and all the conduction belts used in the market do not have problems such as bulging, delamination, slag drop, wrinkling, rotten edges, etc., which affect the use. 
3. Excellent resistance to cleaning agents and dyes. The surface adhesive layer has good resistance to cleaning agents such as acetone and ethyl acetate, and the experimental data is also much better than other products. It is unanimously recognized by the market. It not only facilitates cleaning, but also completely eliminates the damage to the conduction belt caused by cleaning. Concerns; In addition, it has good resistance to the corrosion of various acid and alkali dyes. 
4. Good adaptability to printing process. It has strong adaptability to fabrics of different materials and structures, different dyes, different patterns, and different density screens, ensuring uniform color, clear lines, and accurate pattern printing. It can be used for high-precision flat screens. And rotary screen printing machines are also used for flat screen printing machines with a length of up to 80 meters. Excellent resistance to cleaning agents and dyes






Polyurethane (PU) printing tape



Model Cloth layer Material Thickness Weight Calm tension Allowable working temperature Maximum width
(MM) KG/M2 N/MM Range°C MM
CMU-YHD60KT 3 Polyester + Aramid 2.6 3 60 -20~ 90°C 3100
CMU-YHD2OTL 2 Polyester + low noise 2.6 3 20 -20~ 90°C 3100
CMU-YHD2OTT 2 Polyester 2.6 3 20 -20~ 90°C 3100
CMU-YHD15TT 2 Polyester 2.6 3 15 -20~ 90°C 3100


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