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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

Group to carry out team development training activities

Release time:2021-03-18

In order to strengthen the enterprise team building, improve the enterprise cohesion. Recently, the company organized management departments and technical personnel to participate in a two-day closed team outreach training activity.

Everyone on the team has different abilities and personalities, and everyone approaches things differently. How do you bring individuals and teams together? How to work more efficiently through collaboration? Through this outward Bound activity, we found the answer.

"Crossing the grid" project, when everyone enters the grid in the imitation of the battlefield, requires all the past from the designated grid, everyone in line with a belief that can not be less, some people see, some people are responsible for assisting others through, whether the ground is dirty or not, no matter whether the lift up tired or not, everyone division of labor and cooperation, each show their powers, when many of us through the grid, can not help but into a piece of high.

The most exciting moment, is the "air grab rod", clearly know that the body has safety protection measures, but when people stand in the height of 8 meters high iron iron, the top iron plate can only accommodate people's feet, iron iron and keep shaking, to stand up and jump, grab the front of the horizontal bar, there is a female colleague, iron dare not stand up, dare not jump out, For 10 minutes, everyone was in a panic. Could she jump out? As a weak girl, it really tests one's willpower. When she under the continuous encouragement of her colleagues, finally successful leap, catch the horizontal bar, challenge success, many colleagues shed tears of success, it can be said that "one small step in the air, one big step in life".

There are many expansion projects, such as "Challenge for five minutes", "Top speed for 60 seconds", "Trust back fall", "platoon arrangement", "Dragon boat duel", etc., one after another, there are the joy of success, but also the pain of failure. When the instructor told me that all the scheduled projects were completed and that we could graduate immediately, our tight heartstrings could finally be loosened. The instructor led you to the graduation wall, thought it was a graduation souvenir, the instructor told you that you must all hand over the 4 meters high wall, to graduate, everyone's heart cold. The "graduation wall" is also called the shipwreck escape wall. The project requires all the team members to climb over a smooth four-meter-high wall within a specified period of time, without the help of any outside tools, only using each person's body. During the training, many team members are willing to become the cornerstone for the success of the team, so that the team members can step on their shoulders, to see this situation everyone was moved. When the last person through the above people upside down relay successfully climbed the high wall, time fixed in 9 minutes 56 seconds, we successfully "escape", successful graduation, so applause for a long time......


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