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Basic information and characteristics of oil - absorbing felt

Release time:2019-05-24

Oil - absorbing felt is one of the important equipment to deal with oil spill. In the emergency treatment of oil spill on water surface, the general method is to recover most of the oil spill with mechanical devices, and then absorb a small amount of residual oil on the water surface with oil absorbing felt. Oil absorbing felt is often used to remove oil spills in areas where mechanical devices cannot reach and in waters where oil dispersants cannot be used because of sensitivity to secondary pollution. Oil absorbing felt, made of oily microfiber nonwoven cloth, can quickly absorb oil tens of times its own weight. And it doesn't absorb water. It has the characteristics of small proportion, light weight, floating on the water, no deformation after oil absorption, no loose, not affected by temperature, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, easy storage and so on. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, aviation, petrochemical and other industries to clean up oil pollution: Remove the oil slick on the water surface, remove a large amount of oil from the battery and belly of the ship, recover and deal with the oil spill on the sea surface, and prevent the spread of oil spill in the oil truck, oil tank, oil tank and oil barrel.

Characteristics of oil-absorbing felt

1. Small specific gravity, can float on the water.
2. Multi-gap oil affinity, with strong oil absorption performance, poor water absorption ability, and oil absorption felt in the process of oil absorption, can discharge water.
3. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, less harmful gas after combustion.
4. Good oil retention performance, can be used repeatedly.
5. Suitable for the adsorption of light oil and most of the chemical liquid goods with light gravity.
6. Suitable for oil with high adsorption viscosity.


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