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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

6S management quality assurance - through the quality management system system :ISO9001:2015 standard

Release time:2019-05-24

Since May 2017, under the organization and leadership of the management representatives of the company, all departments have studied the new standards of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, improved the quality and environmental management system according to the new standards, and further standardized the internal management according to OHSAS18001: The 2007 standard calls for the establishment of an occupational health and safety management system.

In early September, Shanghai Saiwei Certification Co., LTD. Four experts composed of the audit team, the company according to ISO9001: The 2015 standard requires the establishment of quality, environment and occupational health and safety integrated management system compliance, adequacy and effectiveness, carried out a five-day whole process audit and guidance, The audit team conducted a careful inspection and audit of the suitability of the documents, the standardization of site management, the effectiveness of the identification and control of environmental factors and hazard sources, as well as the compliance of relevant laws and regulations, and put forward valuable comments and suggestions on the problems existing in the operation process of the company system and the need for continuous improvement.

At the last meeting, the audit team leader announced: expert group agreed that Guangzhou Chuangnai Industrial Belt Co., LTD. "Quality certification system" through the audit, in line with the certification requirements.

On September 20, 2017, the company successfully obtained the quality management system certificate certified by Shanghai Saiwei Certification Group.


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