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Notice on receiving the High-tech Enterprise Certificate of Guangzhou 2020

Release time:2021-04-26

All relevant Units:

The high-tech enterprises that have applied for the record of accreditation in Guangzhou in 2020 have been approved by the National high Enterprise Accreditation Management Office and officially published on the website of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province (see Annex 1 for the list of districts in Guangzhou). Entrusted by the superior units, the high enterprise certificate in Guangzhou is issued by the Association of High-tech Enterprises of Guangzhou on behalf of Guangzhou.

The requirements for obtaining high enterprise certificates are hereby notified as follows:

First, the time and place of collection

In order to ensure the safe and orderly issuance of high enterprise certificates, the Commission will issue them in batches according to the administrative region where the company is registered, the list number of high-tech enterprise zones and the notification period. Please go to the enterprises that have passed the high enterprise certification in 2020 to receive them on time.

Collection time: April 27 -- May 11, 2021 (8:30 -- 12:00; 13:30 -- 17:30, excluding Saturday and Sunday.)

Place to get the certificate: Building 2, Creative Avenue, No. 20, Taihegang, Yuexiu District

Ii. Required materials

Enterprise recipients should bring the original letter of authorization stamped with official seal (see Attachment 2) and the original identity card of the recipient to claim. Copies and electronic seals are not allowed.

Iii. Other matters needing attention

1. All relevant units must bring all the documents and materials to the designated place for collection according to the time of collection required by the notice, the serial number of the unit registration area and the division list.

2. Do not accept the agency to receive the high enterprise certificate.

3. As the parking space is limited, it is recommended to take public transport.

4. In order to timely understand the problems in the operation and development of Gaoqi and provide targeted support, please fill in and submit the following questionnaire.


(Please scan the QR code to fill in)

4. Contact number

Mr. Yang 13710907258 and Miss Wang 18675883939


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