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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

Leisure Sports

Release time:2022-12-10

Treadmills, skiing, special applications, etc

Can be designed according to customer needs to create a variety of leisure sports belt series

Treadmill has been more and more widely entered into ordinary families, and has become the choice of most people who want to exercise and want to be healthy but have little time to do outdoor activities. Running is a simple but effective way of exercise that almost all people are born with, and it is accepted by most people. In addition to the motor and control program, the running belt is also a very important part of the treadmill.

Chinese name running belt belongs to a part of the treadmill running belt is common diamond pattern and ice pattern. The purpose of adding the pattern is to make the concave and convex feeling of the running belt to increase the friction, to ensure that the running belt interface is smooth, keep small noise, the common problem is skid and offset.

There are a variety of patterns on the surface of the running belt, with diamond pattern and ice pattern (also known as grass pattern) as the common, the purpose is to make the concave and convex feeling to increase the friction, so that the athlete is not easy to fall in the process of running, so the choice of pattern depends on the buyer's personal use habits. Generally speaking, diamond pattern has high friction, which can be suitable for more comprehensive footwear. Ice pattern has low friction, and you must wear soft running shoes with large grip. However, diamond pattern is not easy to clean, and ice pattern (also known as grass pattern) is easy to finish.

Ski conveyor belt is an indispensable equipment for ski resorts, but also a high utilization rate of transmission equipment, so as to save time and increase the frequency of play.

Leisure Sports


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