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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

The Tobacco Industry

Release time:2022-12-10

Tobacco processing, tobacco processing, cigarette processing, logistics

The belt is applied to the tobacco wire production line. Cigarette bag conveyor, vertical slitter machine and the smoke after slitter such as blade conveyor equipment. In the production of tobacco manufacturing process, anti-slip belt is mainly used in various kinds of non-horizontal belt conveyor, small Angle hoist and many other conveying stations. According to the different materials transported in the actual production activities, such as: cigarette leaf, cigarette stem, tobacco, etc., can be targeted to select the round convex point, a word stripe, the serringbone stripe and other textures of anti-skid strip, in order to meet the technical requirements of production process design. TPEE and PE conveyor belts are used as the main belts in the tobacco industry because their surface materials meet the requirements of non-toxic combustion.

The belt for winding unit can be: G.D unit, Fokker unit, Morins unit, etc. to provide complete belt matching of the original machine.

The Tobacco Industry

Special tobacco conveyor belts meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the tobacco industry:

- Meet FDA food hygiene standards, non-toxic and tasteless, will not cause any possible harm to human body;

- Oil and corrosion resistance, high peel resistance, not easily affected by the physical and chemical effects of various raw materials in the process of tobacco processing and production;

- High tensile strength, long service life.


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