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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

Airport, logistics industry

Release time:2022-12-10

Salute transportation, logistics transportation, sorting, distribution center, assembly line transportation

The role of logistics industry in modern industry is very important. The demand for industrial belts in logistics transportation industry is increasing, and the quality requirements for belts are also increasing. Used in airports, postal, express, storage and distribution for loading and unloading, transportation and sorting and other stations. For example, the types and varieties of the airport baggage conveyor belt are rich. The airport has high requirements for automatic baggage conveyor in various logistics transportation links, so it has high requirements for the quality of the conveyor belt. According to different transportation requirements, we develop and manufacture a series of conveyor belts suitable for the logistics industry. Among them, there are flat type, non-slip type conveyor belt, but also a variety of surface patterns to meet different conveying conditions, low noise, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and wear resistance, with light weight, good elasticity, small elongation, long service life, easy installation, no pollution and other characteristics. Choosing the right belt determines the high efficiency of the goods to be transported and the durability of the product, which is particularly important in high-speed sorting. The company has experienced sales and service network in China, professional technical service engineers will provide fast, perfect field service and technical support. Chuangnai industrial belt provides not only products but also innovative solutions. We have developed a series of products from flat conveyor belt, synchronous to sheet substrate for efficient operation of the logistics industry.

Airport, logistics industry

To provide the Baggage Object Handling System with:

1. Conveyor belt at check-in counter Our conveyor belt has a prominent pattern to ensure that the conveyor belt has enough grip on the luggage, especially for the transport of suitcases with tugs

2. Plane conveyor belt In the core area of logistics center, linear conveyor usually undertakes most of the work, they also consume most of the energy. Our belt has a low friction coefficient bottom structure, which significantly reduces the power required to drive the belt, flame retardant, low noise design. Use more safely and efficiently.

3. Climbing conveyor belt We can provide various special patterns or make other changes according to the actual needs of the site to optimize the surface of the belt to perfectly ensure the ideal surface grip in order to improve the durability of climbing and descending conveyor and belt

4. The detection system of the conveyor belt of the detection machine is very important for the salute scanning and flammable and explosive items before departure, and the requirements for the belt are also very high. With excellent chemical resistance and comprehensive weather resistance of indoor and outdoor operation, our special conveyor belt can withstand heavy load and grease pollution under various weather conditions.

5. The application of telescopic conveyor belt telescopic belt machine improves the efficiency of cargo handling more quickly and solves the step behind loading and unloading. The belt of the expansion machine is mainly patterned conveyor belt, which adopts the form of tooth connection to ensure that the conveyor belt does not run off.

6. The application of turning machine conveyor belt greatly improves the utilization rate of logistics site space. In the selection of turning machine belt, it is also mainly made by directly cutting one weft free cloth and matching with special chain to ensure the service life of turning machine belt.

7. The confluence part of the confluence conveyor belt needs narrow tolerance and small turning diameter, but it cannot cause problems. Our confluence belt has extremely high lateral stability, which makes deviation correction easy and has excellent wear resistance, thus achieving a long service life.

8. Cross sorting conveyor belt Cross belt sorter application, reduce the cost of labor use, reduce the error rate in the sorting process. The cross belt is mainly in the form of low noise conveyor belt and anti-deviation guide bar. The application is becoming more and more widespread.


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