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拥有自主的产品研发团队 专注输送带的定制化生产

Steel, copper, aluminum industry

Release time:2022-12-10

Steel production, processing, copper production, processing

The iron and steel industry has become a leading and competitive industry in China. Our company has noticed the particularity of the steel industry and provides high-quality belts, such as: cutting resistant, oil resistant, wear-resistant steel belt, seamless jointless coiling machine belt, scrap machine belt suitable for harsh environment, high precision and low noise transmission magnetic synchronous belt, etc. After processing tension machine strip belt, strip felt and so on.

Belt coiler is an important auxiliary equipment of cold rolling strip coiler. Due to the thin thickness of the cold rolled strip, the pliers of the reel cannot clamp the lead for tension coiling, so the reel cannot be in the form of pliers. It is necessary to use the belt coiler of the auxiliary equipment of the coiling machine to roll several rounds of strip steel to the reel of the coiling machine, and then the auxiliary equipment can be removed for normal coiling. Therefore, the belt coiler plays a very important role in the production of cold rolled strip.

The commonly used coiling belt is made of annular jointless process. The surface is made of oil-resistant, wear-resistant and cutting resistant materials in contact with the steel plate. The middle is a high-strength polyester fabric layer, which has uniform tensile tension and strong pressure resistance and is not easy to break. The PU adhesive surface material on the back is in contact with the roller. During winding, the contact between the roller and the adhesive surface increases the friction force, which will not cause the non-tight rolling of the steel plate due to the sliding of the roller and the belt.

Steel, copper, aluminum industry

Coiler is divided into belt coiler and mesh chain coiler two kinds. Belt type coiling belt is subdivided into woven seamless coiling machine belt, felt type seamless coiling machine belt, high temperature resistance type seamless coiling machine belt. During the selection, coiling machine belts with different functions can be selected according to different working conditions, through the determined material yield strength, roller radius and other related parameters. Coiling machine belt is widely used in steel, aluminum, copper and other metallurgical industries. Mainly used for cold rolled steel coil, aluminum coil, copper coil, stainless steel coil and other coiling machinery, as well as aluminum foil cold rolling, metal sheet, tin plate, aluminum plastic composite plate, cold rolled silicon steel and other production line coiling machinery.


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